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Nimbus Trials Unicycle

Isaac Conyers Isaac Conyers

This unicycle is 6 months old and was originally an original Nimbus Trials but now has the upgraded Nimbus Trials wheel (tyre, tube, rim, spokes, hub, and cranks). This wheel cost $300 alone so the seat and frame etc. is practically free. This is all in good condition, especially the wheel as it is only 1 month old. The fabric around the back of the seat is a little bit worn but is not much of a problem and the handle and bumper are both scratched but are still in very good shape. The only other damages are just scratches. This does not come with pedals.

Seat: Fourth Generation Kris Holm Saddle
Seat Post: 25.4mm
Seat Clamp: Double Allen Bolt seat clamp
Frame: Nimbus II chrome plated
Tire: bike trial 20-2.50
Rim: 19" black eyelet rim
Cranks: Forged Aluminium Nimbus ISIS, 125mm
Hub: Nimbus ISIS splined

Cost: $300

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