28th January 2008

Unicycle Trip 13th-16th JanuaryReef and Kevin meet in Brisbane for soem riding!Video Coming Tomorrow!

2 December 2007

New video coming January!We have also added a new video to the latest videos page.

25 September 2007

Only a few more days until UniNats in Sydney! It should be loads of fun and a great chance to meet other riders. Isaac, Kevin, and Reef from are attending. We wish them all the best with their events and safe travel.

5 September 2007

Our new member on the team is Daniel Morton bringing the team to 14 riders! This comes only a short time after Evan and Daniel have joined Kidmuni. We can feel the excitiment is growing with unicyling in Australia.

29 August 2007

And yet another new member of the team, we now have 13 members! Our new member is Evan

27 Aug 2007

New Video Warning

26 Aug 2007

We just keep growing... Kidmuni now has 12 members on the team, our newest member is Daniel!

20 Aug 2007

We now have 11 members on the team, Our latest member being Patrick Mallon!

20 Aug 2007

New Video Tutorial by Isaac - Learning to Glide! Please check Tutorials To watch the video.

  • 2007-04-11 Gemma re-commits to the team! (She was an original member)
  • 2007-03-01 The new look website is ready!