This page contains some basic tutorials for new riders... Hopefully it will help!

More Tutorials Coming Soon!

Learning To Ride

  1. Find a flat surface with some kind of support such as a fence or a bench.
  2. Get on the unicycle. Remember to put your foot on the back pedal first; If you put it on the front the unicycle will just roll forward!
  3. While holding onto the support ride in half rotations at a time to get the feel for the unicycle.
  4. Keep practicing along the support and when you're confident enough try riding out and away from it.

The Rest Is Just Practice!

Riding Down Stairs

Stairs can be quite dangerous but a lot of fun, remember to wear safety gear!

  1. Learn to ride down gutters first. Remember to stand up and hold the seat!
  2. After you learn to ride down gutters move on to 2 stairs then 3 stairs ect…
  3. If you're scared of riding down stairs, just picture it as a bumpy hill.

Wheel Walking

Wheel walking is where you put both feet up on the tire and push the wheel along.

  1. Find a rail or some kind of support to hold onto. Put both feet up on the tire and push one in front of the other.
  2. Keep practicing and don’t give up. When you feel comfortable try wheel walking out and away from your support. Just keep Practicing

One Foot Wheel Walking

One Foot Wheel Walking is good to learn as it leads to gliding.

  1. Make sure you can wheel walk first!
  2. To one foot wheel walk you must have one foot on the frame (or extended) and the other foot on the tire.
  3. Push the foot that is on the tire and when it gets close to the end of the tire quickly lift it up and bring it back to the top and repeat!
  4. Keep practicing and wear safety gear.


Gliding is extremely dangerous but very fun and it looks cool.

  1. To learn to glide you should learn to wheel walk first.
  2. After you learn to wheel walk, learn to one-foot wheel walk.
  3. Once you are confident with one-foot wheel walking, start one-foot wheel walking down a small hill. Keep practicing and you will eventually get it.


Coasting is where you put both feet up on the frame and roll,Coasting is different to gliding. When you glide you have one foot on the wheel to control your speed, where as coasting you have no control over the wheel.

  1. To learn to coast you should learn 1 foot riding with both feet. That means one foot up on the frame (or out) , while the other foot is pedaling.
  2. Once you can do that, get a bit of speed and bring you're other foot up. You will fall off on your first couple of goes. Guaranteed!
  3. Make sure to learn on a flat smooth surface, and wear safety gear!!!
  4. Keep practicing and you should get it eventually, and don’t give up!

Unispin Video Tutorial by Reef

Unispin Tutorial by Reef © Reef Brand-Adams 2007. Used with permission.

Gliding Video Tutorial by Isaac

Gliding Tutorial by Isaac © Isaac Conyers 2007. Used with permission.

More Tutorials Coming Soon!